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UltraFX VPS offer collocated virtual and dedicated servers with ultra low latency connectivity, serving proprietary trading firms, investment banks, hedgefunds and individual algorithmic traders to access various trading venues and networks from Equinix LD4 (UK) and Equinix NY4 (US) data center. Collocated to the major liquidity providers, exchanges and interbank dealing servers, UltraFX VPS clients can achieve the lowest possible distance latency.


For latency critical strategies UltraFX VPS offer their HFT Virtual and Dedicated Servers. These servers are designed without compromise, to achieve an extremely fast environment for trading applications. Many algorithmic traders select UltraFX VPS for their simple technical solutions and ultra low latency capabilities. Servers are  connected to their own HFT network which offers a less than 300 nanosecond routing latency.

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