InvestingBetter Rewards Programme


What is the Rewards Programme?


The InvestingBetter Rewards Programme offers subscribers the amazing opportunity to be awarded from the collective contribution of subscriptions on a monthly basis. 

How it works

Every month we will put aside 30% of all participating product subscription fees and return the collective amount to one lucky person.

For example, if the Forex Hidden Formations subcription is included in the Reqards Programme and there are 10 monthly subscribers at £59.99/month, then 30%of £59.99 per month (=£18) times 10  = £180 is the collective amount. A subscriber will be randomly selected each month and the funds will be paid to the selected subscriber. 

The more subscriptions we get, the more the collective amount increases. Using the example above, if we have 100 subscribers in any given month, then the amount to the paid back to one randomly-selected subscriber will be £1,800.

Please note that if you cancel your subscription you will cease to participate in the programme. Also note that previous winners will not excluded from future random selections so it is possible for a subscriber to be awarded twice or more times. 

What products are included in the Rewards Programme?

Currently the Forex Hidden Formations product is included in the Regards Programme.

What do I have to do to be included in the Rewards Programme?

By subscribing to a participating programme you will automatically be included in the monthly random reward selection.

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